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What is is a professional association for furniture manufacturers who care about quality and the environment. The name/logo/furniture label indicates that the furniture manufacturer using it has environmentally certificated the furniture they manufacture and environmentally certified their business/production processes.


PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION is a professional association under the Furniture+Interior industry association of the Federation of Norwegian Industries for furniture manufacturers who  care about quality and the environment. Through membership of manufacturers undertake to environmentally and quality certify the furniture they produce and environmentally certify their business/production processes. In 2013, the association has around 20 member companies.

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THE MOBELFAKTA.NO NAME/LOGO/FURNITURE LABEL works to promote use of the furniture label on furniture which has passed stringent quality tests in accordance with applicable specifications of requirements for and been environmentally-documented/declared and manufactured by a furniture manufacturer which has environmentally certified its business/production processes. 

The name/logo/furniture label can only be used by furniture manufacturers who are members of



It is a goal for to offer its member companies continual updating and relevant professional content relating to the environment and quality. The environmental and quality initiatives that are developed and offered through are intended to secure manufacturers relevant competence relating to the environment and quality and to enhance the competitiveness of the companies, both nationally and internationally.


In 2013, is continuing to  work to ensure that:

  1. As many furniture manufacturers as possible join and implement the environmental and quality-related initiatives that apply within
  2. As many member companies as possible use the furniture label on relevant furniture for presentation and marketing purposes.
  3. Public sector buyers (national, county and municipal authorities) as well as major private sector buyers impose environmental and quality-related requirements in connection with public and/or major private sector furniture procurements.
  4. As many dealers as possible throughout the chain use in their communication with consumers.

  • Office address: Næringslivets Hus, Middelthuns gate 27
  • Postal address: P.O.Box 7072 Majorstuen, N-0306 Oslo
  • Phone: +47 23 08 88 57
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