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Quality testing

Quality testing of furniture

Why quality requirements for furniture?

To know whether a furniture is durable and can take normal and rough wear, it needs to be quality testet and approved by an authorized national or international furniture test laboratory. All furniture undergoing and passing relevant quality tests will be equipped with an approved-labeled test report from the furniture laboratory conducting the test. issues product and collection certificates to member companies having quality tested furniture and submitting an associated approved test report.

What quality requirements is furniture tested for?

Quality testing of furniture means furniture is tested for: strength and durability, stability and security, surface, textiles, and fire, by European and Norwegian quality standards - Norwegian standards used where it lacks an appropriate European standard (standards are continuously updated).

Current specifications described in and in the Manual is based on the European and Norwegian standards. More information about the current quality requirements can be found here:

How is furniture quality tested?

The furniture is quality-tested by national or international furniture testing laboratories by common European rules and guidelines. The tests' content is described on the website under the tabs: strength and durability, stability and security, surface, textiles, and fire. cooperate with the Furniture Laboratory in Sykkylven - Norway's only furniture testing laboratory, which conducts furniture quality tests at the request of furniture manufacturers.

Product and/or collection certificate from issues product and/or collection certificate for furniture that is quality tested and approved by an accredited testing laboratory of furniture, and produced by a furniture manufacturer that is a member of

For the issue of product and/or collection certificate from an approved test report must be submitted by the manufacturer to, which then issues appropriate certificate based on current test report.

At any requests for production of a valid product certificate as proof of approved furniture quality, the company in question must be contacted directly with the request.

You can find more information about the testing of furniture quality or the Furniture Laboratory in Sykkylven here:

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