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There are membership requirements of that all member companies initiate and implement - or has initiated and implemented, existing environmental and quality initiatives for acquisition of relevant documentation by the applicable requirements of

New members of must complete a mandatory day-course in environmental and quality of implementation of environmental and quality requirements in The course is tailored for both small and large businesses, and through course participation companies are assisted in the creation and the ability to monitor processes with environmental certification company for ISO14001 - the international standard or Eco - Norwegian standards, environmental labeling/documentation of furniture in the form of EPD - international standard or the Swan label - Nordic standard, in addition to quality certification from - European and Norwegian standard.

New member companies receive offers of enrollment at the current rate of and similar new joint courses advertised in the form of newsletters via e-mail and on the website under News.

Companies which already have started or completed certification of the company in the form of Eco or ISO 14001, environmental labeling/documentation of furniture in the form of EPD or the Swan and quality certification, check (in the form) what measures the company has already started or completed.

More information on applicable environmental requirements can be found here:

More information about the applicable quality requirements in can be found here:

More information on quality testing in can be found here:

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